Happy Earth Day!

Apr 22, 2024 • Posted by: Emma Chapman

Happy Earth Day!

McKeen Metro is proud to stock many eco-friendly options on our shelves. Here are a few greener options to add to your grocery list to celebrate the spirit of Earth Day all year round!

Tru Earth laundry sheets 

If you’re looking to swap out plastic laundry soap jugs for a more sustainable option, try Tru Earth laundry strips. Each laundry sheet is packed with ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic laundry soap – just toss it in the washing machine! 

Caboo tree-free TP 

Did you know it takes a fraction of the water to grow bamboo than a single tree? In an effort to curb the effects of deforestation worldwide, Caboo makes tree-free toilet paper from this low-maintenance grass! 

Selection Eco biodegradable dishwasher tabs 

Say bye bye to microplastics with Selection Eco biodegradable dishwasher tabs! Made using a water soluble film, these fragrance and dye-free dishwashing soap tabs are a greener swap for everyday use. 
Shop these eco-friendly products and more online! We’re open online 24/7! Your order will be carefully packed and delivered by our team on days that the store is open.

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