Local Product Feature

Nov 22, 2023 • Posted by: Emma Chapman

At McKeen, we take pride in showcasing local excellence! Let’s take a moment to highlight Ottawa-based small businesses that you can find on our shelves. 

Hummingbird Chocolate crafts every day decadence right outside Ottawa in Almonte, Ontario. Boasting equitable practices “from bean to bar,” Hummingbird Chocolate cacao is sourced to ensure that: a) farmers receive more than Fair Trade prices; b) the cacao is grown sustainably, and; c) the cacao is farmed ethically and humanely with no child labour practices.   

Equator Coffee believes that “coffee is more than just a beverage; it is a way of changing the world.” In fact, Equator is a certified B Corp, which means that they strive to meet “the highest standards of social and environmental performance.” That, and they’re on the way to being a carbon-neutral business by 2030! So much goodness in a cup of Joe.  

Strawberry Blonde Bakery is located in Westboro, and boasts a menu of entirely vegan, kosher, gluten, nut and egg free desserts. For folks with dietary restrictions/preferences or food allergies, Strawberry Blonde doesn’t want you to compromise. You can in fact have your cake and eat it too! 

Top Shelf Preserves is the brainchild of founder Sarah Pishva, who set on a mission to dive into the art of pickling and preserving in 2013. McKeen Metro is one of 40 lucky retailers to stock Top Shelf Preserves’ unique pickled goods – like garlic scapes, carrots and beets! 

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Joe’s Italian Kitchen in Wellington West or Almonte, now’s your chance to bring their coveted Italian dishes home! Visit our frozen pizza section to find Pinsas Romana from Joe’s Italian Kitchen: authentic pizza made with hand-pressed dough and quality ingredients! 

Little Victories Coffee are our neighbours! One of their cafes is just down the street from our store. Dedicated to “elevating the coffee culture” in our city, Little Victories’ signature blends bring that laid-back cafe experience to your morning ritual. 

Kanata Soup Co. founders Terry and Laura are on a mission to bring nourishing, home-cooked flavours to the masses! Just add water to their 100% locally-derived soup mixes—from minestrone, ramen and black bean blends—for a feel-good bowl of solace on a chilly autumn day. 

East India Company is a 5-star Indian restaurant chain located in Ottawa and Winnipeg. They’ve managed to bottle their sought after cuisine into an array of yummy vegan sauces: vindaloo curry, tikka masala and coconut korma. Want to cook to impress? Look no further.

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