Try Boulangerie Grissol Melba Toast

Jan 10, 2022 • Posted by: Emma Chapman

Find Boulangerie Grissol Melba Toast in a variety of flavours!

All Melba Toast flavours provide 90 calories or less per four toasts! Made with simple ingredients and no artificial colours or flavours, they have no preservatives, are low in fat, are trans fat free, low in saturated fats and are vegan.

Each box offers an easy snacking recipe idea to make! Try…

  • Melba Toast Olive & Rosemary with Goat Cheese, Olives, and Lemon Juice
  • Melba Toast Original with Cheddar Cheese, Granny Smith Apple Slices and a drizzle of honey
  • Melba Toast Sprouted Grain with Blue Cheese, Pear Slices, and Arugula

Available on our online store. Buy them here!

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