Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Feb 07, 2024 • Posted by: Emma Chapman

Shopping Valentine’s Day gifts for a loved one with a heart of gold and a sweet tooth? Good news: the best Valentine’s Day chocolates don’t need to come in heart-shaped boxes – it’s what’s inside that counts! 

In fact, while the chocolate bars from Hummingbird Chocolate and Peace By Chocolate are delicious, their commitments to community (both local & global) have won our hearts. Hummingbird Chocolate crafts chocolate ethically and sustainably “from bean to bar” just outside of Ottawa. Peace By Chocolate “donates a percentage of product revenue, provides subsidies on select chocolate products and volunteers [their] personal time to a diversity of peace initiatives.”

Gift with your heart this Valentine’s Day season and celebrate these incredible chocolatiers giving back! 
Browse our chocolate selection in store, or place your order online.

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